How 3D Printing is Disrupting the Construction Industry

Can you imagine how buildings will look like in the future? Do you think we will be able to design and print our own house with 3D printing technology?

It sounds a little bit futuristic, right? In fact, 3D printing is already transforming the construction industry!

How is that possible? Thanks to the largest 3D printers of the market. First, a house structure is designed. After that, the walls are 3D-printed layer by layer. For those who are suspicious about the effectiveness of this technique, in order to provide a strong structure, it is used a mixture of cement and other materials.

The University of Sothern California has been carrying out a research since 2008 about the development of this new 3D printing fabrication process called “contour crafting” and has been awarded a prize at a NASA contest in 2014.

To show the potential of this technology, there are some companies that are already building 3D printed houses. One of them is the Chinese company WinSun, that has built 10 houses in a day at an individual cost of $5,000!

Furthermore, DUS Architects initiated the 3D Print Canal House project in Amsterdam with the aim of offering a new concept of customized housing.

Very recently, Dubai announced its 3D printing strategy that will cover several industries. Regarding the construction sector, the objective is to construct 25% of its buildings with 3D printing technology by 2030!

But what are the advantages of this 3D printing housing technique? It is faster, cost effective and eco-friendly. In addition, it allows to build affordable housing for people that have lost their homes due to natural disasters or due to their economic situation.

In the near future you will be also able to customize your house before printing it. Try 3DGxPaint to see how designing your home may look like. It is free!