3D Printed Art at Your Fingertips

As we love 3D printing technology and we believe in its potential to influence every aspect of our lives, today we would like to show you some of its applications in the art sector with the purpose of celebrating the International Museum Day!

Have you heard about Google Cultural Institute? It was launched in 2011 and it works similarly to Google Street View in the sense that it allows you to virtually explore museums and galleries from all around the world, thus making “culture accessible to anyone, anywhere”. But this is not the only advantage. Some institutions, like the British Museum, allow you to 3D print selected artifacts! For instance, here you have the bust of Zeus.

Another tool that wants to make museum collections accessible is Museofabber, a service of Museotechniki. Its objective is to “make culture touchable” by giving the possibility to 3D print pieces of art, especially for educational purposes.

But if what you want is let your imagination fly and create something unique and different, then 3DGxPaint is what you need! You can get inspired by some classical figures and unleash the artist that lives in you, like Davide Quayola, that created an amazing 3D-printed reproduction of a sculpture from the Vatican Collection.

With 3DGxPaint you can event manipulate 3D objects with your hands without the need of getting dirty! You just need a web browser and a Leap Motion controller. Of course, you can also create by only using your computer mouse. And after that, you can 3D print your own pieces of art. Just try it for free to discover all you can do with it!