Why Should Schools Invest in 3D Printing Technology?

Schools are starting to adopt 3D printing technology. People are beginning to see its potential and how it can revolutionize the education sector. That is why, we have decided to summarize the main advantages of investing in this technology and introducing it into the education system.

3D Printing in Schools

  • The first benefit of 3D printing is that it changes the traditional model of passive consumerism by giving to children the tools to become active makers.

  • Techers can engage pupils easily by using visual and physical 3D objects to explain more difficult concepts. 3D printing facilitates the learning process by making the classroom much more interactive.

  • It perfectly completes the STEAM curriculum in schools. For instance, children can learn about the human body by 3D printing realistic mini models of different body parts.

  • Children have to be well-prepared for the future and thus, get familiar with new technologies. 3D printing is supposed to revolutionize the manufacturing sector, just as computers did in the 90’s. This implies the emergence of new business and job opportunities.

  • Price is no longer a barrier! Nowadays, there is an extensive variety of 3D printers with different price ranges. As an example, here is a guide of the “20 best cheap 3D printers under $500 and $1,000”.

After going over all the advantages of 3D printing, you may be wondering about how to implement this technology in schools so that children are able to understand it and work with it.

Well, currently there are a lot of tools for that! One of them is 3DGxPaint. It is a 3D design software that includes a full array of functionalities that are intuitive and easy to use. Children can even design with their hand gestures by using Leap Motion Controller.

3DGxPaint can also contribute to the development of soft skills, such as teamwork, by allowing teachers and pupils to work together on the same model. Just try it for FREE and see all its functionalities!

To sum up, if you are not into the 3D printing business or if you want to explain it to your children in an easy and simple way, watch this short video: