3DGxHealth is Going to Digital Health Venture Forum 2016

We are happy to announce that our 3D rehabilitation software solution 3DGxHealth has been selected to participate in the Digital Health Venture Forum 2016 that will take place on the 25th of October in Valencia, the so called Spanish City of Arts and Sciences.

3DGxHealth is a digital therapy solution and it is based on our software 3DGxPaint for 3D content creation, manipulation, sharing and printing.

It aims to help patients that have hand mobility problems recover in a better and faster way through 3D modeling exercises by using hand movements (with Leap Motion Controller). In that way, the rehabilitation process becomes more entertaining, enhances patients’ motivation and commitment and thus, increases the probabilities of successful recovery.

Regarding the event, the Digital Health Venture Forum 2016 is organized by Tech Tour with the aim to foster the interaction between investors and entrepreneurs through the organization of industry specific events across all of Europe.

It is really an honor for us to be part of it, given that in the words of the selection committee, our company is considered “among the 40 most promising emerging digital health companies”!

Digital Health Venture Forum

The Forum is focused on 4 main areas of Digital Health:

  • Digital therapy, prevention and patient care, health data and analytics.
  • Digital enabled healthcare delivery, telehealth and connected devices.
  • Social care, provision, innovation and inclusion.
  • Food, nutrition, sports and well-being.

3DGxHealth will participate in the digital therapy category. We are currently developing its beta prototype and the first 3D rehabilitation exercises will be available very soon so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, you can try for FREE the general version of our 3D modeling software 3DGxPaint.

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