3DGxPaint is Going to Cloud Forward Conference 2016

Our 3D modeling software 3DGxPaint has been selected to participate in the Cloud Forward Conference 2016 that will take place from the 18th to the 20th of October in Madrid.

3DGxPaint Cloud Forward Conference

3DGxPaint is a cloud based software for 3D content creation, manipulation, sharing and printing. The fact that it is cloud based offers a lot of benefits for users. First, in order to start using it, you don’t need to download anything, just to register and log in with your email address.

As all heavy calculations are processed in our servers, you don’t need a powerful equipment to work with 3D models. You can access 3DGxPaint whenever and wherever you have Internet connection, from your PC or even from your Smartphone (for now, only available for Android).

3DGxPaint also offers a full variety of functionalities like real time co-creation and collaboration among users, which means you can work with colleagues on the same model even if you are not physically together. Then, you can save your creations in the cloud, share them with other users, download or 3D print them.

Regarding the upcoming Cloud Forward Conference, it is an initiative of Hola Cloud Project, which aims to enhance collaboration between industry and research institutions in the field of Cloud Computing. The conference will be an opportunity to meet SMEs and Clusters for cloud related projects, and examine the future trend in the sector. If you would like to come, you can register here!

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